Learn how to build a business that works for you.

Don’t build a business that controls you and takes all your time and money.

Startup Training is here to help you.

We have various courses, programs and resources to help you build your business. This includes our Mind Your Own Business training for starting a business. The Business to Witness groups to align your business with God’s Kingdom and One on One coaching to take your business to the next level.

Student Testimonials

“I never thought that I could run a business before, however, after doing the Mind Your Own Business course I started Beeyond Learning and quit my job as a teacher.”
Nicole - Beeyond Learning
“I have started and failed with 8 businesses before attending the Mind Your Own Business course. It helped met to see what is the right business for me.”
Marko - Orcanically
“My two partners and I had a small home industry with 8 special needs teens where we taught them baking skills and sold cookies and rusks. After MYOB we decided to split and focus on our specific skills. I decided on soos ouma s' n with rusks, cookies, preserves and crochet. I employ my teen with learning disabilities where she can earn her own money.”
Student Name

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